Two-bar grooves

Let’s ex­tend your grooves

Rhythm - - DRUM LESSONS - Kyle Cullen

When you are first learn­ing the drums, ev­ery groove that you play starts over and in each bar the same groove is re­peated. This def­i­nitely makes things eas­ier to fol­low to start with.

If you lis­ten to some of your favourite songs, you’ll prob­a­bly find that a lot of the grooves are longer phrases. This les­son Rhythm - 2 7 3 fo­cuses on two-bar grooves to dip your toe into, but the phrases could be longer still.

The first two ex­er­cises have very dif­fer­ent grooves from the first to sec­ond bar. Get used to play­ing them slowly by them­selves be­fore com­bin­ing them. While this type of groove shows up in a lot of mu­sic, even more com­mon is a two-bar pat­tern where a lot of the pat­tern is shared with just a few vari­a­tions. Ex­am­ple 3 demon­strates this and it can be a good tech­nique to use when com­ing up with your own grooves as you can keep things in­ter­est­ing without stray­ing too far from the orig­i­nal idea.

The grooves in this les­son might sound a lit­tle stale at first. Once you are com­fort­able play­ing them as no­tated, try adding some snare ghost notes to spice them up.

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