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We tribal up your grooves with tom lay­ers

Rhythm - - DRUM LESSONS -

There’s some­thing nice and earthy about a great tom groove. The thun­der mixed in with a steady rhythm re­ally taps into some­thing prim­i­tive in our soul. For this is­sue, I have ‘trib­aled up’ some reg­u­lar grooves for your plea­sure – the twist, how­ever, is that the cym­bal work re­mains in place as this is some­times missed in a heavy tom groove.

Start­ing sim­ply with Ex­am­ple 1, a 4/4 groove span­ning over four bars has var­i­ous mini tom rolls and hits played in be­tween the reg­u­lar quar­ter-note hi-hat pat­tern. The ef­fect is some­thing quite per­cus­sive and is over­all re­ally good for your dex­ter­ity and in­de­pen­dence. Rhythm - 7 3

Ex­am­ple 2 is a much more up-tempo Rhyth­mRhythm -- 22 77 33 af­fair – no­tice that the first two bars are without toms, so you can see the trans­for­ma­tion. Bars 3 and 4 then in­tro­duce the toms played in be­tween the kick and snare. This also in­spires a dot­ted, quar­ter­note ride pat­tern played along­side the toms, which will no doubt give your arms a solid work­out. Ex­am­ple 3 has a slight dub­step feel to it due to the half-time tempo and dot­ted eighth-note tom ac­cents, in be­tween which an off­beat hi-hat is played.

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