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Marmozets drum­mer talks new al­bum

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Has the song­writ­ing process changed much since the first al­bum WeirdAnd Won­der­ful-Marmozets?

“There was one point where we were think­ing about it too much, but that was re­ally early on, there was just so much stuff that hap­pened in be­tween, fam­ily stuff, a lot of tough stuff. As soon as we got our flair back, there was one song that we wrote and from that it came re­ally smoothly. We try to keep the same rou­tine be­cause, you’ve got to have di­ver­sity and for a band it’s great to keep the cre­ativ­ity flow­ing and keep it fresh, but at the same time I think too many bands think too hard about it and try to change their rou­tine or what they’re do­ing as a band, and it can go re­ally wrong. Es­pe­cially this be­ing our sec­ond al­bum – the one that has such a stigma orf so many bands – we just wanted to keep it as we like to do it, get in a room, write some songs. There were a few things we’ve never done be­fore like writ­ing stuff from one side of the world to the other, send­ing stuff over to each other, a few of the songs on the al­bum were writ­ten in dif­fer­ent parts of the world!”

How did your ap­proach to record­ing dif­fer this time?

“Gil [Nor­ton, pro­ducer – Pix­ies, Foo Fight­ers etc] did it re­ally dif­fer­ently. When he does drums, he won’t have any­one else in the room, I’ll be there all day while the guys are out­side writ­ing an­other song or watch­ing TV, go­ing to the shops, I don’t know, so no one else will be in the room ex­cept Gil, en­gi­neer Danny and my­self, and that was the same for ev­ery­one in­di­vid­u­ally. Then at the end of the day we’d bring ev­ery­one in the room and say here’s what we’ve done, what do you think? And I think it re­ally sep­a­rates it from all the egos in one room, which I’m not say­ing ev­ery­one has big egos, it’s just all the dif­fer­ent opin­ions, Gil liked us to do it sep­a­rately from each other.”

Did Gil have any in­put on what you were play­ing?

“On the first al­bum there was ac­tu­ally quite a lot I had to change be­cause I was still learn­ing, I was re­ally young, and then I learned quite a lot from Larry Hib­bitt [100 Rea­sons, Marmozets’ de­but al­bum pro­ducer] about grooves and stuff, just what fits the song. A song like [new sin­gle] ‘Play’, it’s per­fect for a 22" kick, 12" rack, 15" floor, kind of tight, but I’m all about ‘big’, so I like 24s, 13s 18s, but it just didn’t fit with that track. So this time round it was learn­ing what was right for the song rather than what I want. With Gil there were lit­tle mo­ments where he’d be like ‘try this’ and you’d be like, oh yeah, that’s amaz­ing, like maybe a bridge, swap this groove around… he was just great for th­ese lit­tle mo­ments just to bring me out of my­self even more, just draw ev­ery­thing pos­si­bly imag­in­able out of me.”

Have there been some new mu­si­cal in­flu­ences that we might hear in Marmozets’ sound this time round?

“Al­ways, that’s how our band’s al­ways been. A lot of peo­ple think we’re ob­vi­ously heavy, but if any­one could hear us back when we started we were ac­tu­ally a very happy band! Then we grew up, got a bit angsty, got re­ally heavy. And we’ve al­ways changed de­pend­ing on our lifestyle or what we’re lis­ten­ing to at the time or our in­flu­ences, and our in­flu­ences are al­ways grow­ing, al­ways ma­tur­ing. So there’s stuff that’s dif­fer­ent on this record, like a lot of stuff I’ve been lis­ten­ing to since WeirdAnd

Won­der­ful is stuff like all the Ed Banger crew – Se­bas­tian, Jus­tice all those kind of guys, elec­tronic stuff, and I get a lot of my beats ac­tu­ally from that kind of stuff, es­pe­cially Se­bas­tian, he’s a big in­flu­ence on me.”

Any favourite new Marmozets drum tracks to look out for?

“There’s one called ‘Habits’ that I re­ally like, I re­ally like the verse grooves. There’s ‘Bat­tery’, which is prob­a­bly the most dif­fer­ent track that we’ve done as a band. It’s in­flu­enced by the more dance kind of stuff, not like elec­tronic synths go­ing off, more the grooves. It’s kind of march­ing, but dancey – it’s kind of weird. And ‘Ma­jor Sys­tem Er­ror’ which is re­lent­less, lit­er­ally the same groove all the way through. And it’s one of my favourite grooves, just groov­ing on the same thing. We came from such a heavy band play­ing the most mathy stuff, which I en­joyed, but I ac­tu­ally got bored af­ter a while, there’s only so far you can go with that as well. It was just like show-off stuff and I want to make stuff more ar­tis­ti­cally cre­ative even if that means stay­ing on the same groove all the way through. But I’m proud of every sin­gle part I’ve put into each song, I’m just stoked, 100 per­cent, on every song!”

Josh Mac­in­tyre re­turns with UK alt-rock­ers Marmozets

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