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Roland TM-6 Pro Trig­ger Mo­d­ule

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As the ‘PRO’ tag on Roland’s new trig­ger mo­d­ule at­tests, the TM-6 is a pow­er­ful tool de­signed to help work­ing drum­mers de­liver faster, more con­sis­tent re­sults to their clients. How­ever, the TM-6 PRO should ap­peal to bud­ding week­end drum­mers too, of­fer­ing use­ful func­tion­al­ity and plenty of head­room for ex­per­i­men­ta­tion as their drum­ming evolves.

The mo­d­ule of­fers con­nec­tiv­ity for up to 12 trig­gers or pads, en­abling you to dial in sounds for any play­ing scenario – mix clas­sic stu­dio tones with your nat­u­ral drum sound, layer elec­tronic sounds, or sim­ply trig­ger one-shot sam­ples. Play­ers can con­trol pa­ram­e­ters like pitch and de­cay, or the at­tack, re­lease and EQ of each sound on the fly us­ing on-board con­trols.

In terms of sup­plied sounds, drum­mers have plenty of choice. The mo­d­ule comes loaded with 500 one-shot sam­ples, 268 V-Drums and 80 kit sounds. If you need some­thing more be­spoke it’s easy to im­port your own sam­ples via the SD card slot.

At its heart, the TM-6 PRO gives drum­mers com­plete con­trol over their sound, whether that means achiev­ing de­sired sounds quickly dur­ing sound-check or at the start of a re­hearsal, mak­ing sig­nif­i­cant sound changes as you go, or guar­an­tee­ing a crisp, punchy sound, re­gard­less of venue size, PA sys­tem or the mood of the sound man.

At­tack mode

Stay on track Play back­ing tracks di­rectly from the TM-6 PRO’s SD card slot and con­trol song, click and head­phone vol­ume in­de­pen­dently A newly de­vel­oped Tran­sient ef­fect gives added user con­trol, en­abling drum­mers to tweak the at­tack and re­lease of their cho­sen sounds

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