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Hi there, how are you? I’ve been a fan of your magazine for quite some time, buy­ing and read­ing it when I can. I keep ’em all re­li­giously but there’s an is­sue I’ve kept in a spe­cial place, wait­ing for the time and mind space to ded­i­cate to it. I’m talk­ing about #246, of Septem­ber 2015. I know, it’s been a while, but as you said in said is­sue, some­times life gets in the way.

Any­way, I think it’s this year that I’m find­ing 30 days to try and com­plete the 30 Day Drum Work­out, but there’s just one thing I think you didn’t men­tion, prob­a­bly on pur­pose… Still, I have to ask – how much time am I sup­posed to ded­i­cate to each ex­er­cise each day? Con­grat­u­la­tions on ev­ery­thing you’ve ac­com­plished, thanks a lot and I hope to read from you soon!

Jorge Lopes Trigo, via Face­book

Hi Jorge, glad you’re en­joy­ing the mag. So, it’s fi­nally time to tackle the 30 Day Drum Work­out, and you’ re won­der­ing how much time each day to spend on it? For each ex­er­cise, we sug­gested that begin­ners should be able to play the ex­er­cise for about 1-2 min­utes ,2 min­utes for intermediate and 2-3 min­utes for more ac­com­plished play­ers. But as for how many times you can prac­tise this in a day is re­ally up to you. It hon­estly doesn’ t mat­ter if your 30 Day Work­out takes 60 days, or 130 days–you can use these ex­er­cises in what­ever way works for you. The idea is that you will progress more through com­mit­ment to a pro­gramme like this but of course ev­ery­one is dif­fer­ent–you will know when you feel you’ re im­prov­ing and can move onto the next‘ Day ’. Hope that helps and that our Work­out will soon get re­sults for you!

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