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Rhythm meets ris­ing star, and Cas­sell’s son, Bai­ley What ca­reer ad­vice has your dad passed on to you?

“To be hon­est, on the mu­si­cal side he’s shown me pretty much ev­ery­thing. If I didn’t have my dad I don’t know how I’d be able to do any­thing mu­si­cal.”

Tell me about your new band, Now As One?

“It ac­tu­ally started right at the be­gin­ning of School Of Rock, at the au­di­tions. We’d all just met. There were peo­ple like Giles [keys] and Toby [guitar] who I just hap­pened to talk with the most. It was easy to in­ter­act with them in terms of mu­sic, singing and act­ing. I texted them in­di­vid­u­ally one day ask­ing, ‘Do you want to make a band?’ It went from there. Af­ter School Of Rock ended things re­ally started tak­ing shape. We wrote two songs and now we’re mak­ing an EP with four new songs and just try­ing to get out there.”

Do you feel like School Of Rock helped de­velop your drum­ming?

“Def­i­nitely. Be­fore School Of Rock I had a lit­tle phase where, I loved mu­sic of course, but drum­ming was a bit bor­ing. Then School Of Rock came along and it just re­freshed my mind. At that time I was only do­ing hip-hop. School Of Rock led me to dif­fer­ent gen­res like rock and funk. It made me want to play drums more.”

How would you like your mu­sic ca­reer to play out from here?

“In the fu­ture I want to be like a drum­ming Nile Rodgers, pro­duc­ing and play­ing my in­stru­ment at the same time. It’s just what I want to do. Maybe I’d even throw some other in­stru­ments in there.”

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