us­ing the dou­ble para­did­dle

Cre­at­ing a groove and fill

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The dou­ble para­did­dle is a fun rudi­ment to ex­per­i­ment with on the kit. It’s an al­ter­nat­ing rudi­ment and felt as 16th-note

triplets. It takes half a bar to get through and there are plenty of grooves and fills that are pos­si­ble us­ing it. As with any rudi­ment or stick­ing-based les­son, spend some time get­ting fa­mil­iar with the pat­tern on a prac­tice pad with a metronome be­fore try­ing it on the kit.

Ex­er­cise 2 is a groove which is pretty busy. To start with play a kick on ‘1’ and ‘3’ and snare ac­cent on ‘2’ and 4’.‘ Once you are com­fort­able with this, try dif­fer­ent kick pat­terns. You can also come up with some pretty in­ter­est­ing vari­a­tions with dif­fer­ent ac­cents on the right hand, es­pe­cially when play­ing the groove on the ride. Ex. 3 is a fill, the right hand moves be­tween the high and low toms on beats three and four. The nice thing about this is, with the snare on beat 4 you can still land the back­beat with the left hand, which helps keep the groove go­ing. That be­ing said, make sure to change up the fill and get that left hand mov­ing round the kit as well.

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