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This month we’re look­ing at a Latin jazz type comp pat­tern that I’ve turned into an in­de­pen­dence ex­er­cise, build­ing from the ground up. I first heard this kind of idea at Ron­nie Scott’s in about 1994: the drum­mer pretty much sat on this type of pat­tern for the whole gig and it’s some­thing I’ve al­ways used since then as a mu­si­cal idea and as a build­ing blocks ex­er­cise.

There’s no get­ting away from the fact that if you haven’t ap­proached this type of ma­te­rial be­fore then it’s hard. The rea­son for this is that it’s very syn­co­pated, es­pe­cially in the left hand, which is play­ing the off

beat 16th notes, and you won’t find it in typ­i­cal styles of West­ern pop­u­lar mu­sic. How­ever, it’s de­vel­op­ing this type of in­de­pen­dence that can re­ally free you up on an in­stru­ment like the drum­set. The key is to take it re­ally slowly, and re­mem­ber: if you don’t un­der­stand the no­ta­tion, watch the videos and if you get re­ally stuck then ask your drum teacher or feel free to email me at the email address to the left. En­joy, and we’ll come back to this idea and build on it in a few is­sues’ time.

pat gar­vey


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