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Rudi­men­tal groove vari­a­tions

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Let’s use a stan­dard rudi­ment to cre­ate a groove vari­a­tion. The way I use this is on 4/8/16th-bar turn­arounds when a full fill would be overkill and dis­tract from the mu­sic but you still want a phrase to mark the end of that sec­tion and set up the next. The idea be­ing that the feel and groove stay in place but there is a sub­tle change.

Be­fore we get onto the grooves, the nine stroke roll is an al­ter­nat­ing rudi­ment. In this les­son we will fo­cus on the right-hand ver­sion. We will play four sets of dou­bles fol­low by an ac­cented right hand. In Ex­am­ple 2 the nine stroke roll starts on the ‘&’ of ‘2’, which means the back beat is on the ‘&’ of 4’.‘ Once you can play this as a loop­ing ex­er­cise try play­ing some ba­sic grooves and putting this in every fourth bar. Ex­am­ple 3 puts the roll into 32nd notes. Be­fore at­tempt­ing this it’s worth get­ting out the pad again and play­ing the nine stroke roll to a click in 32nds to make sure you feel it cor­rectly.

Kyle Cullen

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