Get­ting started


Sit­ting be­hind a drum kit for the first time can be a daunt­ing thing. How­ever, once you get to grips with the ba­sics you’ll be play­ing in no time. And if you’ve never picked up the sticks be­fore we can help you. Each month on Rhythm’s Drum Lessons CD (print) and in the in­ter­ac­tive pages of our dig­i­tal edi­tion (iPad and iPhone only) you will find the fol­low­ing con­tent just for be­gin­ners. This con­tent can also be ac­cessed from the links pro­vided here.

Take your first steps into read­ing mu­sic with our guide to drum no­ta­tion:­ta­tionguide

Find your way around the kit with our anatomy of a drum kit guide:­tanatomy

Five video drum lessons cov­er­ing ba­sic rock, funk jazz and the shuf­fle:­drum­lessons

Video guides to ac­com­pany the drum­ming essen­tials above:­tials

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