In­de­pen­dence 2

Voic­ing the left hand

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This month I’m pre­sent­ing some­thing you can use in one of two ways; ei­ther as a stand­alone les­son, or you can use it – and this is what I’d sug­gest you do – as part two of the in­de­pen­dence study we did in is­sue 285.

If you cast your mind back this les­son, we are tak­ing the same idea but mov­ing the left hand around dif­fer­ent Voices thus cre­at­ing more melodic type pat­terns, some­thing that also helps to build up your abil­ity to move around the drum­set as well as train your ear in a way that’s re­ally im­por­tant.

The key thing here is that you ap­proach this month’s les­son re­ally slowly. The ex­er­cises should sound very re­laxed, they should flow and ev­ery­thing should be in time and in the cor­rect place in the bar at all times. Don’t prac­tise it with­out the click un­til it’s nailed down! Only once that’s all set should you be­gin to speed it up to de­velop the dex­ter­ity of the ex­er­cise; which by that point will be be­com­ing part of your ev­ery­day drum­ming vo­cab­u­lary.

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