Rugby League Week - - Pre Game - MARK HEN­DER­SON, VIA EMAIL

The head-butting in­ci­dent by Corey Parker in the first week of the fi­nals should’ve been looked at by the match re­view com­mit­tee and, if we’re be­ing fair dinkum about it, he should’ve been served a sus­pen­sion. In light of the fact that a player was re­cently sus­pended for “touch­ing” a ref­eree “in­ap­pro­pri­ately” when there was no harm in­tended or mal­ice im­plied, then a head-butt served to an op­po­si­tion player in anger or frus­tra­tion should at­tract some form of dis­ci­pline.

Parker ought to know bet­ter. If Michael En­nis or Is­sac Luke had been in Parker’s shoes I doubt there would be any other dis­cus­sion other than “it needs to be stamped out” and “it’s a dog act”. The ju­di­ciary must send a clear mes­sage that be­hav­iour like that truly does bring the game into dis­re­pute. Sorry, Corey, but that’s not cool!

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