Rugby League Week - - Legend Q&a: Michael O'connor -

How did you get the nick­name “Snoz”? Yeah, “Crusher” [Noel Cleal] gave it to me. In rugby I had a re­ally un­marked face and the thing you were taught to do in rugby union more than any­thing was to pro­tect your head, be­cause those were the days of ruck­ing. So if you got caught on the bot­tom of a ruck you had to cover your head, or you were in trou­ble. But I wasn’t ready for the high tackle in rugby league. Brian John­ston, my cen­tre part­ner at St Ge­orge, told me the best ad­vice he was ever given as a young­ster was, when you’re go­ing into a tackle, hold the ball in one hand and use your other arm as a shield. But I never had that ad­vice and al­ways left my­self open to high tack­les. I ended up break­ing my nose about seven times — I said to him, “I wish you gave me that ad­vice!”

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