Ve­hi­cle re­mains sta­ble on slopes

The ve­hi­cle of the fu­ture can tilt its cabin to both sides with­out com­pro­mis­ing ei­ther the grip of the wide wheels or pas­sen­ger com­fort.

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TECH­NOL­OGY In­ven­tor Frank Knis­ley of Florida, USA, has cre­ated a new type of ve­hi­cle that in­cludes the best of cars and mo­tor cy­cles. The Nar­row Tilt­ing Ve­hi­cle with NonTilt­ing Wheels (NTVNTW) is an off-roader that has no trou­ble with even ex­tremely in­clined sur­faces, com­pro­mis­ing nei­ther road grip nor sta­bil­ity.

Sen­sors on the ve­hi­cle reg­is­ter when the sur­face starts to in­cline or if the ve­hi­cle is head­ing into a curve. In such cases, the cabin will grad­u­ally tilt to one side, so it re­mains up­right in spite of the wheel po­si­tion, main­tain­ing pas­sen­ger driv­ing com­fort.

Knis­ley imag­ines that the NTVNTW, which is still in the phase of de­vel­op­ment, can be used for off-road driv­ing in war or disaster zones or am­bu­lance ser­vice in im­pass­able ter­rain. The pro­to­type is a three-wheeler, which could be scaled up or down as re­quired.

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