Glass storms of 8,600 km/h rav­age planet

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Like Earth, HD 189733 b is a blue planet, but the colour is not due to wa­ter. Ac­cord­ing to as­tronomers, the blue colour re­sults from sil­i­cate par­ti­cles – a type of very small pieces of glass. In 2015, sci­en­tists from the UK Univer­sity of War­wick cal­cu­lated, that wind speeds reach about 8,600 km/h. The sci­en­tists mea­sured how much light was ab­sorbed by the at­mos­phere's sodium mol­e­cules and how it changed dur­ing the planet's or­bit of the star. The dif­fer­ence in­di­cates how much the mol­e­cules moved, which al­lows us to es­ti­mate the wind­speed.

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