Which body cells live the longest?

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1 BRAIN CELLS Pos­si­bly 200 years Ex­per­i­ments have shown that neu­rons from old mice can eas­ily go

on liv­ing in a young mouse brain. 2 EYE LENS CELLS All life The lens is only clear, be­cause cells that are as old as the owner ex­ist in per­ma­nent pat­terns. 3 EGG CELLS 50 years From she is still in her own mother's womb, all the eggs that a woman ever has are formed. 4 HEART MUSLCE CELLS 40 years Heart cells are static cells, ie. only half of them will be re­newed through­out life. 5 INTESTINE CELLS 15.9 years In­testi­nal wall cells are re­placed ev­ery few days, but the in­testi­nal ex­te­rior has a longer life span.

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