Off Florida, Co­rals Grow On... Tele­graph Poles?

Science Illustrated - - MEGAPIXEL -

If a branch of a coral reef breaks off, it can grow into a new reef. The prin­ci­ple is used by sci­en­tists to grow new coral reefs to help en­dan­gered reefs. Small frag­ments of coral are placed on tree-like struc­tures, which are teth­ered to the ocean floor off Florida, US. Af­ter 6-9 months, the frag­ments have grown large enough to be re­moved from the trees and ”glued” to coral reefs, which are un­der restora­tion. In per­fect con­di­tions, coral grows very quickly, and it may be pos­si­ble to save some reefs.

Photo // Spencer Low­ell

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