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A favourite trick of Mag­madive is to place an egg at the top of Strý­tan’s hy­dro­ther­mal cone when de­scend­ing into the wa­ter. The hot wa­ter flow­ing out of the vent will cook a lovely hard-boiled egg, just in time for col­lec­tion at the end of the dive – a de­li­cious post-dive snack!

The area it­self is home to a great deal of ma­rine life in­clud­ing large schools of pol­lock, lump­suck­ers, wolff­ish, cod and a wide range of nudi­branchs and other macro life. To get to the dive site, a 10-minute boat ride from the shore is re­quired. When en­ter­ing the wa­ter, a short de­scent will take you to the top of the cone. Fur­ther down, ther­mo­clines and halo­clines can be felt as the hot fresh wa­ter mixes with the sur­round­ing cold salt wa­ter of the ocean. This dive site has been care­fully stud­ied by sci­en­tists, as it is thought that the mix­ing of hot fresh wa­ter and cold salt wa­ter may have been the start­ing point of life on Earth.

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