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The re­verse of a sil­ver tetradrachm from Da­m­as­cus, Syria, be­long­ing to Demetrius III (95–88 BC) de­pict­ing fish-bod­ied Atar­gar­tis, veiled, hold­ing an egg, and flanked by bar­ley stalks; a Na­bataean de­pic­tion of the god­dess Atargatis, dated around 100 AD; (left) A Mermaid, from Smith­field Dec­re­tals (Dec­re­tals of Gre­gory IX) (c. 1340), Fo­lio 47, MS 10 E, iv. Fo­lio 47r; (right) Douce 134, from an old French man­u­script from 1450–70, Fo­lio 42v (Livre de la Vigne nos­tre Seigneur); a fish-siren with wings and claws hold­ing a fish in each hand, from a 13th-cen­tury English bes­tiary

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