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Ma’a Tahiti: Tra­di­tional Tahi­tian food is still eaten here es­pe­cially on Sun­day, cooked un­der­ground in an earth oven, known as a hi­maa. Pork, chicken, fish, shell­fish, leafy green veg­eta­bles such as taro leaves, and root crops such as taro and yams are wrapped in leaves, placed on a bed of heated stones, cov­ered with more leaves and earth, and left to steam for sev­eral hours.

Poisson cru: Or ia ota is the na­tional dish of Tahiti and the is­lands. It con­sists of raw fish and diced veg­eta­bles mar­i­nated with lime juice and soaked in co­conut milk.

Poe: The ul­ti­mate Tahi­tian dessert, a sweet pud­ding made of taro root flavoured with banana, vanilla, pa­paya or pump­kin and topped with a rich co­conut­milk sauce.

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