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As a mem­ber of Sey­mour Foot­ball Net­ball Club, I would like to pass on the club’s con­do­lences to the ex­tended fam­ily of Frank Percy John­son.

Frank was a for­mi­da­ble part of our great club as a com­mit­tee­man, vol­un­teer and team se­lec­tor in the six­ties and early seven­ties, and was al­ways one of the first to do­nate his ser­vices to the club.

Frank will also be re­mem­bered as one of the or­gan­is­ing mem­bers of the Sey­mour Ta­ble Ten­nis com­pe­ti­tion at the RSL Hall, ini­ti­ated way back in the six­ties when many anec­dotes and yarns were re­vealed of the great feats of past cam­paigns, from the early days of Sey­mour Foot­ball Club.

A re­turned ser­vice­man from the Sec­ond World War, and the first lo­cal vet­eran to an­nu­ally toss the coin at the SFNC An­zac Day games, Frank was an in­spi­ra­tion to all who knew him.

In the words of the great Banjo Pat­ter­son, ‘‘a bet­ter man never held the reins’’. — Gary Brown, SFNC sec­re­tary

Doesn’t add up

It does make sense in this amaz­ing state, if you turn down your air­con­di­tion­ers and swel­ter in the heat and suf­fer in the sum­mer, es­pe­cially the elderly, you can save money.

I find it hard if you turn off your air­con­di­tioner you will have $40 per week re­duced on your en­ergy ac­counts, but on the other hand, teenaged thugs are bribed $40 to be­have in Vic­to­ria’s Malms­bury youth de­ten­tion cen­tre. — Gra­ham Palmer, Sey­mour

Sup­port wool in­dus­try

As legs are for lo­co­mo­tion, no per­son can deny that it has been the right, from early times, of every free res­i­dent and vis­i­tor to walk along the only direct route in to town, and there is no law which states that a pedes­trian must wear a syn­thetic high-vis vest when do­ing so.

In re­cent decades, Aus­tralians have de­vel­oped an overde­pen­dence on syn­thet­ics.

Aus­tralia has vir­tu­ally turned its back on its great wool in­dus­try, de­vel­oped over 150 years by shrewd Merino studmas­ters and com­mer­cial flock­mas­ters.

Vast mar­kets like Rus­sia have been ig­nored, our best Merino rams have been sold to Ar­gentina, Brazil, China and the Ukraine and Dor­per rub­bish im­ported from South Africa.

It is no won­der that Aus­tralia has such a huge bal­ance of trade deficit.

Epit­o­mis­ing the low depths of non-ed­u­ca­tion per­vad­ing Aus­tralia, in 1990, when Clip Care was be­ing prac­tised in Aus­tralian wool­sheds, the El­ders tex­tile man­ager wore a syn­thetic jacket in the Man­ga­lore shed of Mau­rie Gray, a fair dinkum Aus­tralian, par­tic­u­larly noted as the re­gion’s ex­plo­sives ex­pert, but also noted for his heavy-cut­ting Merino wethers.

Syn­thet­ics are the en­emy of Aus­tralia, once the world’s great­est wool-grow­ing na­tion and it is against my prin­ci­ples to wear syn­thetic gar­ments.

— John J. Ma­her, Sey­mour

Love and Life

I have been ob­serv­ing the at­ti­tude of peo­ple protest­ing against hate speech.

It seems to me that they be­lieve they are the only ones full of love and com­pas­sion.

How­ever, the way in which th­ese peo­ple protest and en­gage in ver­bal and phys­i­cal con­fronta­tion against the sup­posed right wing fas­cists, Nazis, racists and ho­mo­phobes has all the com­po­nents of racial, ide­o­log­i­cal and fa­nat­i­cal hate against any­one who dares to ex­press any opin­ion dif­fer­ent to theirs.

It is im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that Adolf Hitler, Ben­ito Mus­solini, Vladimir Il­lich Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot were all left wing so­cial­ist-com­mu­nist lead­ers and are at the top of the list of blood­i­est tyrants that this planet has ever wit­nessed.

Mus­solini and Hitler were the elected lead­ers of the Na­tional So­cial­ist Party of their coun­tries.

Of course we can­not for­get the ex­quis­ite cru­elty and ab­so­lute lack of scru­ples of Idi Amin who mur­dered hun­dreds of thou­sands of black peo­ple, but who be­ing him­self a black per­son was never ac­cused of racism.

No one has killed more black peo­ple than black peo­ple them­selves and if you have any doubt, lis­ten to the African asy­lum seek­ers talk about the atroc­i­ties be­ing con­ducted against them by other black Africans.

No one from an­other race has killed more Asians than Asian peo­ple, just look at Cam­bo­dia.

Can some­body tell me from whom abo­rig­i­nal women have been suf­fer­ing do­mes­tic vi­o­lence . . . is it not abo­rig­i­nal men?

Yes, I know, com­pas­sion­ate peo­ple who seem to have plenty of hate against their own race will put the root of this phe­nom­e­non down to an end­less list of so­cial dis­ad­van­tages in or­der to jus­tify the al­co­hol, drug abuse and vi­o­lence.

What about the univer­sity stu­dent armed with a base­ball bat who re­cently tried to kill a lec­turer and fel­low stu­dents for ex­press­ing ideas dif­fer­ent than his? Was this stu­dent ex­press­ing his opin­ion against hate speech?

What about the peo­ple in­vad­ing the streets of many cities in­cin­er­at­ing cars, small busi­nesses, break­ing win­dows and bash­ing by­standers who are de­mand­ing more love and com­pas­sion within the com­mu­nity?

Do they have the mo­nop­oly of kind­ness and com­pas­sion?

I don’t think so — they look and sound hate­ful.

I won­der if only black life mat­ters? Is this not a racist state­ment? In th­ese golden days the worst sin is to be white, male and het­ero­sex­ual.

Can’t th­ese left wing ide­ol­o­gists un­der­stand that they will rad­i­calise con­ser­va­tives who have never been fas­cist, racist, ho­mo­pho­bic, misog­y­nous or xeno­pho­bic to adopt the same re­pug­nant at­ti­tudes as they have but to the other ex­treme?

The more the pen­du­lum goes in one di­rec­tion the longer it will travel in the op­po­site di­rec­tion and that is the sim­ple law of physics. — Ser­gio Prado-Ar­nuero, Sey­mour

Record fund­ing for pal­lia­tive care

The ma­jor­ity of Vic­to­ri­ans want to live their fi­nal days at home sur­rounded by fam­ily, friends, and pleas­ant mem­o­ries.

The Lib­eral-Na­tion­als are com­mit­ted to en­sur­ing that wish is re­spected.

That’s why a Lib­eral Na­tion­als gov­ern­ment would pro­vide $140 mil­lion — the largest in­vest­ment of its kind in Aus­tralia — to en­sure ter­mi­nally ill pa­tients, and their fam­i­lies, can get the sup­port they need as they ap­proach the end of their lives.

Our com­mit­ment will en­sure up to 8000 ad­di­tional pa­tients have ac­cess to pal­lia­tive care.

Our pack­age will dou­ble spe­cial­ist pal­lia­tive care ser­vices to com­mu­nity pal­lia­tive care clients, es­pe­cially in ru­ral and re­gional Vic­to­ria.

It also in­cludes a 50 per cent in­crease in fund­ing for com­mu­nity pal­lia­tive care pro­vided in the home, in­clud­ing overnight care, in-home respite and carer sup­port.

Re­search shows around 70 per cent of us would pre­fer to spend our fi­nal days at home.

But with­out a Lib­eral Na­tion­als gov­ern­ment, barely a third of Vic­to­ri­ans will get to re­alise that wish be­cause there will con­tinue to be in­ad­e­quate fund­ing for com­mu­nity-based pal­lia­tive care.

— Peter Walsh, Leader of The Na­tion­als

Club mourns: Sey­mour Foot­ball Net­ball Club has paid tribute to Frank John­son, who has passed away. Frank was a re­turned ser­vice­man from the Sec­ond World War, and the first lo­cal vet­eran to an­nu­ally toss the coin at the SFNC An­zac Day games.

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