To Boldly Go Again

Star Trek writer ( and prob­a­ble di­rec­tor) Roberto Orci spills on the third re­booted Trek movie

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“I’ve talked to some of the cast and told them our think­ing. So far no one’s sent me a dead fish in the mail!”

When JJ Abrams jumped ship to take con­trol of the other ma­jor movie fran­chise with “Star” in its name, Star Trek was left with­out a di­rec­tor. Abrams’ heir ap­par­ent would ap­pear to be Roberto Orci, writer on the first two re­booted Trek movies and life­long Trekker, who’s been widely re­ported ( but not con­firmed) to be the man at the helm of part three. So what does the man him­self say? “Yes, that’s my hope. Cor­rect,” Orci teases when Red Alert catches up with him in July.

“Right now the stu­dio does know the story,” he con­tin­ues. “They haven’t read the ac­tual script, but they got a de­tailed treat­ment from us, 50 pages from me and Pa­trick [ McKay, co- writer]. They felt con­fi­dent enough to let us go on. So I’ve talked to some of the cast and told them some of the no­tions that we’re think­ing [ of ]. So far no one’s sent me a dead fish in the mail!”

When we next board the USS En­ter­prise, it seems that some time will have passed since Khan Noonien Singh was put on ice at the end of Into Dark­ness. “I think I want to come in some­where in the mid­dle of their five- year mis­sion,” he says. “Not three years in, but not five seconds in. I want to give them a lit­tle time. I want to meet them almost ex­actly where you met them in The Orig­i­nal Se­ries. Where were they in that mo­ment? They were into their five- year mis­sion, but you didn’t quite know. So they had a lit­tle his­tory, you knew who they were. That’s where I want to find them when we open. The first two were parts of an ori­gin story, this time we get to live with the char­ac­ters in a way that we couldn’t be­fore.”

Since Leonard Ni­moy’s Spock fea­tured in both of the pre­vi­ous Trek films, could other char­ac­ters from the orig­i­nal Star Trek uni­verse ap­pear in Orci’s film? Is, say, an ap­pear­ance from Cap­tain Jean- Luc Pi­card beyond the realm of pos­si­bil­ity?

“Well, I want it to be con­sis­tent with the rules of what we set up,” says Orci. “Cap­tain Pi­card is not born un­til... How­ever, right, with time ef­fects and cos­mic anom­alies, who knows, man? Never say never. Any­thing’s pos­si­ble!”

In another movie uni­verse, Orci’s Sneaky Shark pro­duc­tion out­fit is de­vel­op­ing the story for a new big- screen take on a com­pletely dif­fer­ent sci- fi TV show – Mighty Mor­phin Power Rangers. Thor and X- Men: First Class writ­ing part­ners Ash­ley Miller and Zack Stentz are pen­ning the script.

“Power Rangers,” Orci ex­plains, “is one of those things where... So many friends of mine who have kids still know and love the Power Rangers. When I was first ap­proached about this idea, and I saw that they were do­ing some­thing, I was like, ‘ Hmmm, Power Rangers...’ And I lit­er­ally polled all my friends’ kids. That’s my fo­cus group th­ese days. I was just shocked and pleas­antly sur­prised how much they all love it. So I’m do­ing it for all of my friends’ kids.” The smart money is on Star Trek 3 be­ing re­leased in 2016, Trek’s 50th an­niver­sary.

Will they re­pair it in time for part three?

Those sweaters will be back.

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