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Socks and pump­kins

Re­search­ing the movie threw up some un­ex­pected gems of vam­pire lore, says Waititi. “We read a few sites that talked about ways to kill vam­pires. And there’s lots of old folk­lore, like, to get rid of a vam­pire, you steal one of its socks, fill it with garlic and then throw it in the river!” Cle­ment adds: “In East­ern Euro­pean folk­lore they turn into pump­kins, but I don’t think peo­ple would get the ref­er­ence – ex­cept maybe some old Rus­sian peas­ant.”

But where’s Bret?

With Je­maine and Rhys both present, there’s an ob­vi­ous ques­tion for Con­chords fans: where’s Bret? “We wanted him to be in it,” Cle­ment re­veals, “but he was busy do­ing Mup­pets mu­sic. We ac­tu­ally put him in the orig­i­nal short, but we cut him be­cause he was laugh­ing too much. And his vam­pire name was Bret too. So we’d in­tro­duce him to another vam­pire and go, ‘ Oh, this is Bret.’ And they were like, ‘ Oh, you’re not even tak­ing it se­ri­ously!’”

An­ton speaks

When it comes to the were­wolves vs vam­pires thing, co- star Rhys Darby ad­mits he’s much more likely to be found on Team Ja­cob than Team Ed­ward. “I find vam­pires – the whole very pale thing, the sort of dain­ti­ness of it – a bit off- putting. I like the rougher, gruff kind of beast el­e­ment to the were­wolf. You know what you’re get­ting there.” And as for his favourite were­wolf movie, there’s only one pos­si­ble an­swer: “It would prob­a­bly be the Michael J Fox Teen Wolf.”

Deleted scenes

With the film­ing in­volv­ing a lot of im­pro­vi­sa­tion, there’s clearly a lot of po­ten­tial DVD bonus ma­te­rial. “We’ll def­i­nitely in­clude some deleted scenes,” Waititi con­firms. “We did in­ter­views with each character, which we hardly even in­cluded in the film.” Cle­ment adds: “My favourite scene that was cut was a fu­neral scene. We lost it for a rea­son, be­cause we had a death and then mourn­ing and then a fu­neral – it was too many down­ers in a row. But maybe we’ll put it back in.”

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