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Darth Plagueis au­thor takes Tarkin to the dark side

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Few char­ac­ters in the Star Wars uni­verse have dared to boss Darth Vader around and lived to tell the tale. One such fig­ure is Gov­er­nor Tarkin – the man who over­saw the cre­ation of the Death Star, oblit­er­ated Alder­aan and even­tu­ally per­ished be­cause of an un­for­tu­nate ex­haust port over­sight. The lat­est novel from veteran Ex­panded Uni­verse writer James Lu­ceno aims to ex­plore the enig­matic vil­lain’s rise to power.

“This story is set five years after Pal­pa­tine pro­claims him­self Em­peror,” Lu­ceno ex­plains. “At this point in his ca­reer he’s still in the Im­pe­rial Navy but he is not at the level we’ll find him at in A New Hope. It’s some­thing of an ori­gin story in the sense that it ex­plains how Tarkin reached the heights he did.”

Darth Vader looms large in Tarkin’s his­tory but ac­cord­ing to Lu­ceno, the fo­cus is firmly on the fu­ture Grand Moff. “It is, in some sense, a bi­o­graph­i­cal novel. It’s a lit­tle less ac­tion- ori­ented; most Star Wars nov­els are not like this one. It’s also very much a war story, a story about the chal­lenges the Em­pire faces in those first few years fol­low­ing the Clone Wars.”

Tarkin is the sec­ond novel in the new EU cre­ated in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Story Group at Lu­cas­film who now over­see all Star Wars canon. But as an au­thor of sev­eral EU nov­els Lu­ceno has a rosy out­look on their rel­e­ga­tion to “Leg­ends” sta­tus. “Too much has been made of this idea of a new canon,” says Lu­ceno. “It doesn’t mean ev­ery­thing is out the win­dow. Not by a long shot. In this book I wrote around a lot of the ex­ist­ing ma­te­rial rather than con­tra­dict­ing it. I don’t think books with the Leg­ends head­ing need to be cast aside, there’s room for ev­ery­thing in this fran­chise.” Star Wars: Tarkin is pub­lished on Thurs­day 6 Novem­ber cour­tesy of Ran­dom House.

James Lu­ceno’s lat­est charts the rise of Gov­er­nor Tarkin.

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