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My thanks to Nick Setch­field for nos­tal­gic To­tal Re­call ar­ti­cle on the back page of SFX 252.

As an eight- year- old mem­ber of my ju­nior school’s Puf­fin Club, I was sent my 45p copy of Monsters Of The Movies, along­side Mil­li­gan­i­mals and You’re A Good Sport Charlie Brown, and was ter­ri­fied by the dot- eyed leer­ing zom­bie at the end of the book. So much so that I used that self- same grisly black- and- white shot as the open­ing im­age of the Zom­bies In Games sem­i­nar I chaired at Lon­con3 in Au­gust. It still gives me shiv­ers all th­ese years on.

Much as I en­joyed read­ing about Dr Moreau, Barn­abas Collins and The Manster, I even­tu­ally threw the book out be­cause I was scared of it fall­ing open on the zom­bie page. And then spent years telling ev­ery­one about this terrifying long- lost tome.

Pity I didn’t hang onto it – there’s a copy on Ama­zon go­ing for £ 3,878.06. Thanks again for ex­or­cis­ing my child­hood trauma!

He­lena Nash, email Will to­day’s young­sters, none of whom will have to en­dure grainy half­printed mon­ster lit­er­a­ture or re­cur­ring nightmares from sec­ond- gen­er­a­tion VHS dubs of Video­drome, ever be haunted by the same last­ing mem­o­ries? Per­haps not to the tune of nearly four grand.

Never bin a zom­bie. It could make you an ab­so­lute packet one day.

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