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Swet Pea

This has been driv­ing me nuts, which is ironic be­cause the show I’m look­ing for is ac­tu­ally about a bunch of peas. I re­mem­ber it was a car­toon on the BBC in the late ’ 80s/ early ’ 90s, and can almost hum the theme tune, but not much else. I think they made a boardgame of it as well where the peas were made out of Play­Doh and there was a chance they could be crushed or cut in half !

Max Thomp­son, New­cas­tle

Jor­dan says:

The show you’re look­ing for is The Pod­ding­ton Peas – a 13- episode BBC car­toon that aired in 1989. It has a cult fol­low­ing be­cause of the pun­tas­tic names of all the peas ( a baby called Nap- Pea, a hippy called, well, Hip- Pea) and a theme tune that might just be the ul­ti­mate ear­worm. Don’t look it up on YouTube un­less you want to be hum­ming it for days. The game is ac­tu­ally Grape Es­cape, where the goal is to make it around the board with­out your “Goop” grapes be­ing de­stroyed by some hor­ri­ble day- glow death con­trap­tion. Yes, it was that bru­tal.

Brain Train­ing

I re­mem­ber some­thing shown at teatime on BBC Two a cou­ple of times years ago which I think would be from the 1980s. It was about some kind of ge­net­i­cally en­gi­neered su­per­hu­man. I think the sym­bol of the project was Da Vinci’s Vitru­vian Man.

Mark Gal­lagher, email

Guest SFXpert Ben Yates says:

This is Now And Again. It was about Michael Wise­man, who died in a tragic sub­way ac­ci­dent only for his brain to be im­planted into a ge­net­i­cally bio- en­gi­neered body by the US Gov­ern­ment. He is then put to work as a se­cret agent, but all Michael wants to do is go back to his old life. As for Da Vinci’s Vitru­vian Man, the ti­tle se­quence fea­tured it. In­ter­est­ingly while Michael’s new body was played by Eric Close his old body in the pi­lot was played by John Good­man. It’s only cur­rently avail­able on DVD in Aus­tralia.

Peace Keper

I am look­ing for your help. I re­mem­ber read­ing a book once where the main hero went to the toi­let and flushed, then trav­elled in time. I think it had a pic­ture of an Os­car- type statue on the cover and may have been writ­ten by Bob Shaw.

Richard Cot­ton, email

David Lang­ford says:

It was in­deed by Bob Shaw, an old favourite at Bri­tish SF con­ven­tions. His early nov­els were all se­ri­ous; Who Goes Here was his first ful­l­length com­edy, pub­lished in 1977. Hero War­ren Peace and the Os­cars ( su­per­pow­ered cops who look like the Os­car statue) re­turn in the 1993 se­quel War­ren Peace, reis­sued as Di­men­sions. This was Bob’s last novel, writ­ten after a ter­ri­ble ill­ness, and the hu­mour isn’t so suc­cess­ful.

“Down at the bot­tom of the gar­den, among the birds and the bees…”

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