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1 If Scooby- Doo re­turns you want a tale taken straight from the cartoons. “An old school feel, no real mon­ster just a crazy in­surance/ in­her­i­tance scam and a clas­sic Fred Jones trap,” says the or­nately monikered Phillip Tiberius Ho­ra­tio Hodgkiss. 2 In a sim­i­lar vein, you want Scooby taken se­ri­ously. Well, as se­ri­ously as an adap­ta­tion of a car­toon with a talk­ing dog in it can be. “Lose the irony of the movies aimed at the ‘ faults’ of the TV se­ries, just play along with the in- house cliches,” says Neil Howard. 3 “Take a leaf, no, sev­eral leaves, hell, the whole damn book from the Mys­tery In­cor­po­rated re­boot – a se­ries that was deft, post­mod­ern and know­ing, but with­out the sneery self- mock­ery that crept into the pre­vi­ous films,” says Fan­tomas. “MI man­aged to in­cor­po­rate ref­er­ences as di­verse as Blue Fal­con and Dyno­mutt to Hell­raiser, and it did it with wit and panache.” 4 There were some calls for a real Great Dane to por­tray Scooby, but Belle Tain- Sum­mer was among the majority who thought ( good) CG was the only way to go. “Keep Scooby CG. A trained an­i­mal will never be the same as his car­toon an­tics. No darned Scrappy Doo though, in any form.” 5 Sadly the man be­hind Shaggy’s iconic stoner drawl died ear­lier this year, and you don’t want it to go un­men­tioned in the new Scooby- Doo film. “Some sort of trib­ute to the late, great Casey Kasem, be­cause out of them all, it was Casey’s voice that brought the se­ries to life,” says Cryp­ticmir­ror.

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