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Re­lease Date: 29 Oc­to­ber

TBC | 106 min­utes Distrib­u­tor: Sig­na­ture En­ter­tain­ment


hor­ror isn’t hard: dark­ness, barely- seen big bads, manytroughs pac­ing pierced with power- chord peaks. Ex­trater­res­trial is, by this metric, com­pe­tent hor­ror; clev­erly shot and cre­atively lit on a limited bud­get. But Cana­dian duo the Vi­cious Brothers have seen fit to write a script so lack­ing in any non- cliché di­a­logue that it’s almost im­pos­si­ble to view it as any­thing other than a pas­tiche. Which doesn’t seem to have been the plan.

The mys­tery gang at the cen­tre of this cabin in the woods/ alien en­counter trope- fest is dras­ti­cally un­like­able. The group only slightly veers beyond archetype in the film’s grisly and ridicu­lous third act, which is a brief high­light be­fore, fi­nally, a lit­tle self- aware hu­mour creeps in at the end. If only it’d been more know­ing through­out. Alex Cox

The lat­est Toy Story was tak­ing a disturbing turn.

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