Agents Of SHIELD Sea­son One

It gets bet­ter! Hon­est!

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Re­lease Date: 20 Oc­to­ber 2013- 2014 | 15 | 946 min­utes | £ 34.99 ( Blu- ray)/£ 29.99 ( DVD) Distrib­u­tor: Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios Home En­ter­tain­ment Cre­ators: Joss Whe­don, Jed Whe­don, Mau­rissa Tan­charoen Cast: Clark Gregg, Ming- Na Wen, Brett Dal­ton, Chloe Ben­net, Iain De Caestecker

Last year,

be­fore Agents Of SHIELD de­buted on TV, the cast and crew hit San Diego Comic- Con and they were treated like rock stars. You can see it all on a fea­turette in this box set: how happy they looked; how thrilled they were to be bask­ing in geek love. Alas, we all know what hap­pened next. The show was sniffed at by crit­ics, de­rided by view­ers and, ul­ti­mately, de­serted by many of the ex­act same geeks who screamed at Agent Coul­son and his co­horts as they grinned on stage.

The sad thing is, it was jus­ti­fied. The se­ries starts off on a Joss Whe­don- di­rected high but rapidly loses trac­tion, floun­der­ing with a cast which doesn’t gel, plots that are

Work­ing with bigscreen rev­e­la­tions, the show clicked

or­di­nary and, in­evitably, a lack of the oomph you get from the Mar­vel movie projects ( for “oomph” read “su­per­heroes”). Agents Of SHIELD, while ad­mit­tedly boast­ing a sweet, ‘ 80s A- Team vibe, a sunny dis­po­si­tion and break­neck pac­ing, some­how seemed just too damn av­er­age. But then along came Cap­tain Amer­ica: The Win­ter Sol­dier and with it Hy­dra’s sneaky in­fil­tra­tion of SHIELD. And ev­ery­thing changed. The show, work­ing along­side the big- screen rev­e­la­tions, sud­denly clicked. The char­ac­ters be­came a team, the writ­ers raised their game; hell, even the plank- like Agent Ward be­came in­ter­est­ing. If the first two- thirds of this sea­son run on sugar wa­ter, the fi­nal third is pow­ered by jet fuel. So if you’re one of the many peo­ple who gave up on SHIELD, it’s time to give it another go. They got there in the end. Prom­ise.

Ex­tras: ABC spe­cial Mar­vel Stu­dios: As­sem­bling A Uni­verse ( 43 min­utes), the fea­turette on SDCC, five short be­hind- the- scenes snip­pets, some VFX com­par­isons, an amus­ing gag reel and eight deleted scenes. There are also three com­men­taries, which range from “a lit­tle slow” to “holy cow, don’t ever let Clark Gregg or Ming- Na Wen near caf­feine again!” Un­sur­pris­ingly, th­ese prove to be jolly good fun. Jayne Nel­son When the cast does a ta­ble read, in­stead of “Open­ing Cred­its” they all yell “MAR­VEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD!” as loudly as they can.

A nox­ious emis­sion cleared the car in seconds flat.

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