Edge Of To­mor­row

Sav­ing Pri­vate Dyin’

SFX - - Dvd & blu- ray -

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2014 | 12A | 113 min­utes | £ 24.99 ( Blu- ray)/£ 19.99 ( DVD) Distrib­u­tor: Warner Home Video Di­rec­tor: Doug Li­man Cast: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bren­dan Glee­son, Bill Pax­ton

So what wounded

the clever, thrilling Edge Of To­mor­row at the box of­fice? The di­min­ish­ing wattage of Tom Cruise’s star power? Or that fe­ro­ciously fo­cus­grouped ti­tle, surely be­long­ing to some Meryl Streep heart­breaker about the power of love and the lim­its of mod­ern medicine?

This home re­lease scram­bles to fix at least one of those things: the cover now shouts the words “Live Die Re­peat”, a re­brand­ing ex­er­cise that in­jects be­lated adren­a­line while isolating the killer con­cept at the heart of this time- warp­ing war story.

Cruise is Wil­liam Cage, a mil­i­tary pub­lic­ity of­fi­cer rail­roaded into com­bat as mankind pre­pares for its fi­nal push against an in­vad­ing alien force. Launched into a beach­head hell­storm of mud, fire and clank­ing ar­moured exo- suits, Cruise dis­cov­ers he has the power to rewind time, cheat­ing death only to face it over and over again. Team­ing with Emily Blunt – chilly, prag­matic and bril­liant as the “Full Metal Bitch” – he be­gins to fight on a 4D front.

There’s a con­stant ten­sion be­tween Cruise the ac­tor and Cruise the star. He’s in­fin­itely more in­ter­est­ing as the slip­pery, yel­low­bel­lied Cage we first en­counter, but his in­escapable A- list grav­ity – sum­mon­ing all those Top Gun echoes of tooth­some jock­ish­ness – tilts the character from slimy coward to smartest guy in the room to, fi­nally, su­per­hero.

The in­vaders never quite con­vince as any­thing other than flick­er­ing bursts of un­real videogame can­non fod­der, but this smartly- scripted film re­mem­bers that the best FX are nar­ra­tive ones – though once you’ve mar­velled at its con­struc­tion first time around you won­der how much re­play value it packs. Ironic, that…

Ex­tras: The DVD has two short fea­turettes on the aliens and the weapons ( 13 min­utes). The Blu- ray ( rated) adds a 40- minute dis­cus­sion with Doug Li­man, an eight­minute bit on the beach­head scenes, and more good­ies in­clud­ing seven deleted scenes. Nick Setch­field The film was orig­i­nally ti­tled All You Need Is Kill after the book that spawned it, only for the stu­dio to fret over “neg­a­tive chat­ter” about the word kill.

Do ex­oskele­tons usu­ally come with soles that thick?

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