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2014 | 15 | 77 min­utes | £ 19.99 ( Blu- ray)/£ 15.99 ( DVD)

The plot of

WolfCop is ex­actly what you think: it’s about a cop who gets turned into a were­wolf. Silly, yes, but it’s not stupid. The were­wolf lore un­der­pin­ning the dough­nut-munch­ing shenani­gans is sur­pris­ingly com­plex, and it’s clear that a lot of care has been lav­ished on ev­ery as­pect of the pro­duc­tion. The one- lin­ers might be daft (“Who are you?” “The fuzz”) but the film­mak­ers clearly aren’t.

The real sell­ing point, though, is the gore. The cam­era never flinches from a skew­ered eye­ball or an ex­posed bone and the pros­thet­ics look bril­liantly gooey. And if the were­wolf trans­for­ma­tion isn’t quite up to Rick Baker’s stan­dards, well, at least it looks like it re­ally hurts.

A be­hind- the- scenes fea­turette ( 44 min­utes), bloop­ers, a mu­sic video and other bits and bobs. Sarah Dobbs

“Talk or the horse gets it.”

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