The In­cred­i­ble Melt­ing Man

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Take a ’ 50s

B- movie, add gross- out ef­fects, place un­der a high heat un­til it’s melted into goo and… voila! This ’ 70s shocker es­tab­lishes its premise – astro­naut is af­fected by, er, some­thing to do with Saturn’s rings, starts dis­in­te­grat­ing, es­capes, am­bles about woods off­ing passers- by – in mo­ments, then runs it into the ground.

The only thing that might in­spire thought is the ques­tion of whether the com­edy is in­ten­tional. Are we meant to howl at the most in­com­pe­tent search party in his­tory? Is the sight of an ear stuck to a bush meant to in­spire guf­faws? Prob­a­bly, but the hu­mour’s so poorly de­vel­oped it’s not en­tirely clear.

Di­rec­tor’s com­men­tary, two in­ter­views, a book­let and more. Ian Berriman

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