Ar­gento’s Drac­ula

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2012 | 18 | 110 min­utes | £ 12.99 ( DVD)

Bram Stoker’s

novel has been adapted many times over the years, but Dario Ar­gento brings some­thing com­pletely new to this at­tempt. Un­for­tu­nately, that some­thing is a gi­ant, badly an­i­mated pray­ing man­tis.

There are plenty of other things to crit­i­cise about this movie – it’s far too long, the ac­cents are hard to de­ci­pher, and the character dy­nam­ics have been un­nec­es­sar­ily swapped around, mak­ing non­sense of the story – but the man­tis stands out as uniquely aw­ful. Yes, Count Drac­ula has al­ways been able to shapeshift, but it never seemed quite as ridicu­lous as it does here.

Ar­gento used to be bril­liant at in­tense and strange vi­su­als, but those days are, sadly, long gone, and all we’re left with is sub­A­sy­lum movie CGI bugs.

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