Space Sta­tion 76

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2014 | 15 | 93 min­utes | £ 12.99 ( DVD)

The ’ 70s SF

fu­ture is now as much the stuff of me­dia ar­chae­ol­ogy as the ray­guns and saucers of the ’ 50s. Here’s a film that nails that aes­thetic per­fectly. Bright, ster­ile cor­ri­dors and flight deck in­stru­ment dis­plays? Check. Hy­dro­ponic farms and Kubrick­ian space wheels? All here. Far­rah Fawcett flicks, VHS decks and roller­skates? Present and cor­rect. It’s a retro rush brought to the screen with clear care and love.

But Space Sta­tion 76 has more on its mind than its aes­thetic. It takes aim at the pill- pop­ping, psy­cho- bab­bling Cal­i­for­nian sub­urbs of the baby boomer gen­er­a­tion. Paced like a val­ium daze, its char­ac­ters re­fus­ing to catch fire, the script never quite matches the wit of the vi­su­als.

A Mak­ing Of, three deleted scenes and out­takes. Nick Setch­field

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