Me­teor Men

A meatier alien in­va­sion

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128 pages | £ 14.99 ( pa­per­back)/£ 9.18 ( ebook) Pub­lisher: Oni Press Writer: Jeff Parker Artist: Sandy Jarrell

If a mys­te­ri­ous

me­teor landed near us, we’d go and have a look, wouldn’t we? Even though, as SF fans, we know that this prob­a­bly wouldn’t end well. But in Me­teor Men, be­ing first on the scene might be the only thing that saves you...

Teenager Alden Bay­lor is watch­ing a me­te­orite shower with his friends and neigh­bours. A pro­jec­tile lands on the farm­land he in­her­ited from his par­ents. It quickly be­comes ob­vi­ous there was some­thing inside that’s now es­caped – and many more of th­ese strange ob­jects have landed all over the world.

In many ways this fol­lows the typ­i­cal pat­tern of such things: the per­son who made con­tact with the aliens pleads for un­der­stand­ing, while the au­thor­i­ties treat it as a threat, in the process mak­ing the sit­u­a­tion worse. The rev­e­la­tion of the aliens’ true na­ture, although it’s a smart idea, isn’t hard to guess. But Jeff Parker un­folds the story con­fi­dently, and Alden is a well- de­vel­oped character. Sandy Jarrell’s art­work cre­ates a cin­e­matic feel, of­ten us­ing pan­els that stretch the width of the page, with in­ven­tive touches that il­lus­trate how the alien thinks and com­mu­ni­cates.

The book re­ally comes into its own in the fi­nal act: it dodges easy an­swers, and in­stead con­structs a more open end­ing. Is it a happy con­clu­sion or a downer? Be­cause of the character work ear­lier on, Alden’s ac­tions at the cli­max carry real weight. Ed­die Rob­son

The alien has landed.

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