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The du­plic­i­tous Agent of SHIELD on life as the bad guy

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What do you think Ward has to do to pay for his Hy­dra sins? It’s a good ques­tion. He’s done ques­tion­able things. We’re jok­ing that Ward has to go to an African vil­lage and work with kids for 20 years straight. Where is Ward’s al­le­giance when the sea­son starts? The ques­tion of al­le­giance to Hy­dra was more about John Gar­rett ( Bill Pax­ton). Ward’s done some good things and some bad things, so the stuff of sea­son two will be fig­ur­ing out who Ward is. Which ver­sion of Ward do you pre­fer play­ing, Agent Ward or Hy­dra Ward? I think it’s more fun and in­ter­est­ing to play him the Hy­dra way. There’s a depth and un­pre­dictabil­ity to the bad­ness. Is he bad? Does he en­joy be­ing bad? Or is there still a good guy in there? Ward does seem gen­uinely con­flicted over Chloe by sea­son’s end. Are there real feel­ings rat­tling around inside him? It was the long­est Ward was ever un­der­cover and feel­ings hap­pen. I’m sure even the hard­est stone has a crack in it some­where. As we’ve seen with May, she seems im­pen­e­tra­ble and yet still hu­man. I think de­spite Ward’s best ef­forts, and de­spite Agent Gar­rett’s ad­vice, there’s feel­ings and af­fec­tion there... Are you scared they’re go­ing to kill you off this sea­son? Ab­so­lutely, but I’m def­i­nitely in sea­son two. It seems the fans are re­ally en­joy­ing the turn. I hope they want to see it ex­plored as much as I do, as I’d like to con­sider my­self an an­ti­hero and not a vil­lain. Tara Ben­nett Agents Of SHIELD sea­son two airs on Chan­nel 4 from Oc­to­ber in the UK and is cur­rently on ABC in the US.

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