Jack Don­nelly on life as a legend

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How did life change for you after your part in the first se­ries?

I was on a mas­sive come­down as soon as it fin­ished, but it was good. It’s been nice not to have to go back to wai­t­er­ing work like I’ve done after other act­ing jobs. I did bits and pieces in­be­tween, and then in the weeks build­ing up to the sec­ond se­ries it was back into train­ing, learn­ing to sword fight and ev­ery­thing that comes with it.

How does it feel to sud­denly have this heart­throb sta­tus?

Weird. I’ve not re­ally en­coun­tered it that much. I get told about it and I hear about it but so far no one’s come up to me and been like “[ gasps] You’re a heart­throb!” Apart from my brothers and they’re tak­ing the piss.

Medea is an im­por­tant fig­ure for the Ja­son of legend, is that the case in the show?

I knew Amy [ Man­son] from drama school, she was in the year above me. There’s a con­nec­tion be­tween the two of them. Medea in our story is very much an out­sider who doesn’t re­ally fit in any­where, doesn’t know who she is, and she’s led to the dark side. She and Ja­son find each other as kin­dred spir­its. As it’s pro­gressed, it does seem that she could po­ten­tially be a ri­val to Ari­adne.

We hear you were the vic­tim of an epic prank dur­ing pro­duc­tion…

Mark and Rob keep play­ing pranks on me. They had me be­lieve that the fi­nal episode was a mu­si­cal episode and this in­volved my agent, Rob’s agent, the pro­duc­ers here and a real singing teacher from London that they set up an email ac­count for. Every­body was in on it. So I was off prac­tis­ing singing, think­ing I’m go­ing to ruin it, that this is the end of my ca­reer. And then at the last sec­ond they gave them­selves away.

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