The Dark Knight has

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loomed large amid the shad­ows of Gotham City for 75 years. He doesn’t just weather decades of cul­tural change. He trans­forms him­self ac­cord­ingly, to be­come – to twist a phrase – the hero each gen­er­a­tion de­serves. And for each dis­tinct in­car­na­tion of the Caped Cru­sader there’s a cor­re­spond­ing team of comic book cre­ators be­hind him, truly work­ing in the shad­ows.

SFX re­cently sat down with five of to­day’s most prom­i­nent Bat­man writ­ers, artists, and pub­lish­ers for a once- in- a- lifetime, 75th birth­day look at a gen­uine legend of the printed page…

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