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At­tend any film con­ven­tion and, chances are, some slimy boot­leg­ger will be there with a card­board box full of DVD- Rs with pho­to­copied pa­per cov­ers. Nes­tled be­tween co­pi­ous copies of the Star Wars Hol­i­day Spe­cial and Dis­ney’s Song Of The

South will be The Keep. Of­ten it’ll be ad­ver­tised as “un­cut” but don’t be­lieve your luck: this is still the the­atri­cal ver­sion, al­beit pre­served in widescreen, cribbed from the fuzzy mid-‘ 90s laserdisc. How­ever, Paramount has re­cently – and qui­etly – made the movie avail­able via Net­flix. That said, re­ported copy­right is­sues with the sub­lime Tan­ger­ine Dream sound­track, and Mann’s ru­moured dis­re­gard for the movie, means that any­one hold­ing out for a Blu- ray spe­cial edi­tion could be left wait­ing for far longer than The Keep took to com­plete.

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