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What’s Gareth Ed­wards like as a di­rec­tor?

He’s won­der­ful, be­cause he has a per­fect de­meanour for be­ing a di­rec­tor. He has a very spe­cific idea of how he wants some­thing to be yet he doesn’t ex­tend that to be­ing bel­liger­ent or demon­stra­tive. He al­lows his ac­tors to cre­ate their en­vi­ron­ment and then guides them. The other fac­tor that I found very re­fresh­ing is that when he didn’t have an an­swer, he vol­un­teered that. He said, “I’m not quite sure of the best way to play this mo­ment,” and you don’t of­ten hear that. It makes the ac­tors rally round. Do you re­call watch­ing any mon­ster movies with your own fam­ily?

Yes. In fact, my dad was an ac­tor in one – The Be­gin­ning

Of The End. It was about gi­ant grasshop­pers, and my dad was play­ing an army man perched on top of a build­ing with binoc­u­lars, look­ing in one di­rec­tion and send­ing in his re­port. Be­hind him you see th­ese antlers com­ing up, then hear him say, “I don’t see…” and he’s at­tacked. So SF and mon­ster movies were all part of it. My favourite is

Night Of The Le­pus.

Why is that?

It’s gi­ant bunny rab­bits! It’s the most hys­ter­i­cal thing you’ve ever seen be­cause they take th­ese bunny rab­bits and build th­ese minia­ture build­ings. And the bunnies are hop­ping along and knock down th­ese lit­tle fences and things. Then they get some food colour­ing and put it on their lips as if they’d eaten some peo­ple. You’ve got to see this movie. It’s hi­lar­i­ous!

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