Teen trio’s tem­po­ral tri­als

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281 pages | £ 13.99 ( pa­per­back)/£ 7.99 ( ebook) Au­thor: Scott K An­drews Pub­lisher: Hod­der & Stoughton

An ex­er­cise in de­layed

grat­i­fi­ca­tion, Time­bomb may be proof that the gold­fish- brained MTV gen­er­a­tion is ei­ther dead or read­ing James Pat­ter­son. Be­cause this YA time travel novel is a prod­uct of the Lost gen­er­a­tion; lots of ques­tions, few an­swers.

It’s much pacier and ac­tion filled than Lost, though; three teenagers from dif­fer­ent time pe­ri­ods ( past, present, fu­ture) are brought to­gether ( Why? By whom?) be­cause to­gether they can time travel ( How?) and hope­fully stop some ma­jor tem­po­ral tragedy ( What?). Cue laser beams in the English Civil War.

Light and frothy, it’s MI High meets Mof­fat’s Doc­tor Who, ex­cept the gags are weaker. But like­ably spiky char­ac­ters, some fun para­dox shenani­gans and a cracker of a cliffhanger mean you’ll be back for book two of three. Dave Golder

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