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Be­hind The Scenes: Z Na­tion’s co- cre­ator Craig En­gler used to run Syfy’s Twit­ter feed. Hey, they all have to start some­where.

Star Turn: All credit to Harold Per­rineau – com­pared to the rest of the cast, his per­for­mance is Emmy- wor­thy. Luck­ily for him, Ham­mond’s killed in the first episode.

In- Joke: At one point Ham­mond says he passed some peo­ple in a prison – a ref­er­ence to Rick and the gang’s home in The Walk­ing Dead’s third sea­son.

The Z Word: There’s one thing Z Na­tion does have go­ing for it – at least the in­hab­i­tants aren’t afraid to use the word “zom­bie”.

The One Good Line: Ham­mond: “God I hate moral dilem­mas.”

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