Flame Wars

Thedas is un­der threat in the Dragon Age three­quel

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“Paul Feig, cast me now! Start a Twit­ter pe­ti­tion! I’m free!!!!! I’m free I’m free and I’m funny,

god­damnit!” Some­thing tells us Gil­lian An­der­son would quite

like in on Ghost­busters 3.

If Skyrim’s dragons were like

scaly kit­tens com­pared to your daedric weapon-wield­ing badass, pre­pare for a cul­ture shock. Dragon Age: In­quis­tion’s colos­sal fire- breathers are go­ing to re­quire tac­tics, team­work and tenac­ity to take down. “We’ve some­times said that the high dragons in the pre­vi­ous games were ba­si­cally the ‘ teenagers’ of the species and now that it’s ten years later, they’ve grown up,” cre­ative di­rec­tor Mike Laid­law ex­plains. “The dragons are much more mo­bile, use their en­vi­ron­ment and more breeds have made them­selves known: you won’t just be deal­ing with flame breath any more.”

Dragon slay­ing is only a small part of In­qui­si­tion’s story, which casts you as new character the In­quisi­tor at the start of your quest to save Thedas from civil war be­tween the mages and templars.

“The In­qui­si­tion is made up of peo­ple who refuse to sit idly by when the world is burn­ing,” says Laid­law. “It’s like be­ing part of the Rebel Al­liance, with the no­table ex­cep­tion that you don’t join it, you start it!”

After Dragon Age 2 dis­ap­pointed fans of the first game, In­qui­si­tion will embrace ear­lier prin­ci­ples with a huge open world, the abil­ity to shape the story through your choices and a re­turn to more thought­ful com­bat.

“The party is key,” Laid­law ex­plains of the re­vised com­bat sys­tem. “Many of our de­ci­sions on In­qui­si­tion have been based on the un­der­stand­ing that you aren’t just a sin­gle character, but a leader of a group. As the In­qui­si­tion grows, your character be­comes more and more in­flu­en­tial and there are por­tions of the story which are ex­clu­sively based on your choices. I ex­pect peo­ple will be com­par­ing notes about cer­tain choices after they’ve fin­ished.”

How old are you, dragon? You’d bet­ter tell us.

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