29 JAN 2015 Freeze Frame

This Month: Colin Firth turns se­cret agent in the trailer for spy- fi comic adap­ta­tion Kings­man: The Se­cret Ser­vice

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Eg­gsy in his full Kings­man garb. The movie isn’t a Bond spoof, and even takes place in a world where Bond movies ex­ist. There’s more than a hint of You Only Live Twice to Valen­tine’s evil lair. Eger­ton did a lot of his own stunts in the film. No way those specs are stay­ing in place with­out visual ef­fects though.

Sa­muel L Jack­son plays Valen­tine, an ec­cen­tric su­pervil­lain who wants to wipe out the majority of the hu­man pop­u­la­tion.

Gad­get fans have a lot to look for­ward to in Kings­man, even the Harry Palmer- es­que specs have tech in them!

Michael Caine plays the head of the Kings­man. Each agent is code- named after a Knight of the Round Ta­ble.

This is Gazelle, Valen­tine’s dead­li­est as­sas­sin who can slice and dice with those ra­zor sharp feet.

Meet the fresh- faced Kings­man re­cruits, about to be put through their paces by Mark Strong’s Mer­lin.

Kings­man re­cruit­ment tests are a life or death mat­ter – here the trainees must es­cape a flooded room.

Meet Eg­gsy ( rel­a­tive new­comer Taron Eger­ton), a yoof from the wrong side of the tracks.

Colin Firth plays Steed- alike Harry Hart ( Jack London in the comics), who knew Eg­gsy’s fa­ther, and helps him out…

… with a bul­let- proof um­brella set to stun! Ex­pect some daz­zling punch- ups from Kick- Ass di­rec­tor Matthew Vaughn.

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