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Iwanted to con­tinue this ad­ven­ture and to con­clude it,” be­gins di­rec­tor Jaume Bala­gueró, speak­ing to Red Alert at the an­nual Sit­ges Film Fes­ti­val. “After this there are no more [ Rec] movies. We con­tinue the story of the news­caster Án­gela Vi­dal, played by Manuela Ve­lasco, who was last seen pos­sessed by a de­mon at the end of the sec­ond movie. This is her story – although we do not ig­nore the last [ Rec] se­quel ei­ther. Ev­ery­thing comes to­gether.”

While [ Rec] 3 aban­doned the “found footage” ap­proach of the first two films, and set it­self at a wed­ding, the fourth movie se­cludes what few fran­chise sur­vivors re­main inside a bar­ren oil tanker. How­ever, once again the story is told tra­di­tion­ally – with the shaky- cam tem­plate ditched for jump- scares and splat­ter- packed spe­cial ef­fects…

“That nar­ra­tive only works if you can keep jus­ti­fy­ing it,” ex­plains Bala­gueró. “With the first film it was a young jour­nal­ist, along with a cam­era­man, mak­ing a live re­port, in real time. You re­ally be­lieved in the style of the film. In the sec­ond film we man­aged to keep that go­ing but, even then, other movies were emerg­ing that were do­ing the same thing. So by the third and fourth films we knew it would be too forced. How­ever, there are scenes in this se­quel which I think are among the most un­com­fort­able of all the [ Rec] movies.”

Also typ­i­cal of the fran­chise is a strong fe­male pro­tag­o­nist – and the re­turn­ing Ve­lasco is apt at filling such shoes…

“She has the de­mon inside her when we meet her in the new film,” states the di­rec­tor. “But she even­tu­ally be­comes the main character in a very strong way. She is like a su­per­hero in this movie. The apoc­a­lypse is fought by a woman – how great is that?”

Look out f or [ Rec] 4: Apoc­a­lypse in 2015 .

In other words, never try to sec­ond

guess Steven Mof­fat. “You don’t give them what you think they want. That would be mad! The only use­ful in­dex you’ve got is what you

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The Bri­tish sum­mer turned out nicer than usual.

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