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Mar­ius Ma­ronilla (“Why won’t Hol­ly­wood let a fe­male su­per­hero head­line? Let’s see… Elek­tra and Cat­woman ring any bells?”); Karen Lawler (“Lucy – clos­est com­par­i­son I’ve got to a fe­male su­per­hero movie – made $ 394 mil­lion global box of­fice”); Joni Boba Dead­pool (“I’d like to see Ms Mar­vel, Domino, Psy­locke and She- Hulk on the big screen. Oh, and Squir­rel Girl too”); Susan Arm­stead (“It ’s al­ways male su­per­heroes with women play­ing side­kicks or ro­man­tic en­tan­gle­ments”); Lau­rie McHale (“I’d def­i­nitely like to see a Won­der Woman and Black Widow film... and a good Cat­woman film too, while we’re at it ”); Ju­lianne My­ers (“I was never par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in Black Widow... un­til I saw The Win­ter Sol­dier. I feel that movie has given her a bit of depth she was lack­ing, and now I’d love to see her in her own movie”); Michael Gar­ner (“Peter Ca­paldi is fan­tas­tic. His com­plete dis­dain for hu­man­ity is re­ally re­fresh­ing. It ’s as if the Doc­tor has cared all th­ese hun­dreds of years and now he’s de­cided that, well, he won’t any­more”); Paul Mor­ris (“Ca­paldi would be great if given de­cent scripts. Time Of The Mof­fat… to leave!”); Jonathan Jones (“I’m thrilled that they have re­turned to a more alien, mys­te­ri­ous and iras­ci­ble per­son­al­ity for the Doc­tor, and Ca­paldi is por­tray­ing this with aplomb and style”); Keith Tu­dor ( who ex­plained his de­light­fully bonkers the­ory that the young boy in bed in “Lis­ten” was Danny Pink, not the Doc­tor);

Paul Downey ( De­lighted that Twin Peaks is com­ing back); Annabel Hynes ( Rea­surred to hear you’re not a pos­sessed doll, Annabel); Pa­trick Sproull (“Love the mag. I only like the pic­tures but, still, they’re fabby. And you can use the cor­ners of the cov­ers to eat yo­ghurt.” Try that too of­ten and your is­sue will end up com­pletely Mullered, fella); and many more…

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