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More of Chris Pratt shirt­less... Emma Rhodes

I want to see a cer­tain bounty hu- Sorry. A cer­tain free­lance peace­keep­ing agent aid­ing and/ or hin­der­ing the team. I want to see Death’s Head. Llama God

More Bowie on the soun­track. Star­man would fit nicely. James McCon­non

A gambling scene with Rocket and Howard The Duck. Keefe Royal

Death’s Head. Lee James Gannon

A big­ger, and pos­si­bly dif­fer­ent role, for Nathan Fil­lion. Brian Stabler

Hav­ing just read is­sue four of Rocket Rac­coon I’d like to see a cer­tain mer­ce­nary rab­bit ap­pear. Steven D Quirke

I wish James Gunn would do ex­actly as he pleases. Mar­cel van Driel

Rocket ac­tu­ally fir­ing a rocket launcher! Iain Fitzger­ald

They should bring Iron Man into it like in the Mighty World Of Mar­vel comic books! Lewis Ben­jamin Sin­gle­ton

Chi­aki Kuriyama might make a good Moon­dragon. Kirsty Leanne

More Karen Gil­lan as Neb­ula be­ing bril­liantly evil! Maybe she could be the main bad­die. Jake Slater Cosmo! Dou­glas Hamil­ton A re­turn to Earth and Cap­tain Mar­vel’s ori­gin story. Dave Shearn A script? Sean Wash­brook More of the same. Mark Howe Phyla- Vell and Moon­dragon! Daniel Wil­lig

I would like to see the orig­i­nal GOTG. Lon­nie James

More for Gamora to do. Crim­i­nally un­der­used. Ham­mard

Death’s Head, Ego the Liv­ing Planet and more Howard The Duck. But I do think we’ll see Iron Man show up. Mr Brites­parc

The Nova Corps fly­ing. More Cosmo. Mur­ray Chris­ti­son

More Groot, of course, and I’d also like to see a time travel jaunt. They visit Earth, but it is in 1970s NYC . Cryp­ticMir­ror

Adam War­lock Charlie hun­nam

Man­tis Dichen Lachman

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