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So Big Hero 6 has the first Mar­vel char­ac­ters to be adapted into a Dis­ney an­i­mated film – could you ex­plain how that came to be?

The idea came from di­rec­tor Don Hall. He was just fin­ish­ing up on Win­nie The Pooh back in 2010 and try­ing to fig­ure out what he wanted to do next. At the time there was the merg­ing of Mar­vel and Dis­ney and as a big fan of both, Don wanted to do some Mar­vel short but we said, “no, you gotta do a movie.” So, we got Mar­vel in­volved and Don looked through the whole canon and came across Big Hero 6: a very lit­tle known ti­tle with six is­sues in the ’ 80s and six in the ’ 90s. He was taken with this su­per­hero team from Tokyo, and the unique story we could tell. But Big Hero 6 is set in San Fran­sokyo, a hy­brid of San Fran­scisco and Tokyo?

It’s a city of the near- fu­ture, a par­al­lel uni­verse, maybe... There was cer­tainly a con­scious choice to set it out­side the Mar­vel uni­verse, to give it its own iden­tity. In terms of tone, how hard was it to strike that bal­ance be­tween it be­ing a Mar­vel and Dis­ney kids’ film?

It was al­ways go­ing to be more of a Dis­ney an­i­mated film and so it was re­ally about find­ing a prop­erty that both we and Mar­vel felt com­fort­able could be­come ours. There had al­ways been dis­cus­sions like, “Oh, this is more Mar­vel than that,” but it all comes down to just great sto­ry­telling. How can you tell the story that’s ac­tu­ally go­ing to af­fect peo­ple? We deal with some ma­ture themes in this film, and that’s why I think Dis­ney sto­ry­telling is re­ally great.


30 Jan­uary


Don Hall and Chris Wil­liams

STARS Ryan Pot­ter, Scott Ad­sit, Jamie Chung, Damon Wayans Jr, Gé­ne­sis Ro­dríguez,

TJ Miller, Maya Ru­dolph

THE PITCH Boy- ge­nius Hiro Ha­mada and his

in­flat­able ro­bot Bay­max turn su­per­hero in the first Mar­vel comic – and a niche one, at that – to be given the kid­die treat­ment

by Dis­ney.

Who wouldn’t want a big squishy ro­bot to give them a mas­sive hug?

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