The Re­main­ing

SFX - - Cinema - Alex Cox

Re­lease Date: OUT NOW!

15 | 88 min­utes Di­rec­tor: Casey La Scala

A cute young

wed­ding cou­ple, an awk­ward love tri­an­gle, a su­per­flu­ous hanger- on and reels of shoe­horned- in found footage col­lide with the god­damn Rap­ture in this awk­ward al­le­gory. When the souls of the pure are sucked up to heaven, our gor­geous crew stupidly bim­bles be­tween ev­ery stock apoc­a­lyp­tic lo­ca­tion – church, hos­pi­tal, gov­ern­ment re­lief out­post – dodg­ing crazy weather and demons as they do.

The cast isn’t bad, the ef­fects are pleas­ing enough in their scarcity, and the hor­ror set­pieces are as in­of­fen­sive as they are pre­dictable. But the bib­li­cal di­rec­tion grates, the script salts the wound, and the twisty, preachy end­ing might as well have flash­ing lights and a siren for how ob­vi­ous it is even 20 min­utes in. You’ll be wish­ing for the Rap­ture to hit while you suf­fer through the rest.

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