Bark­ing Mad

Groot isn’t the only un­usual tree out there…

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The Lord Of The Rings

Th­ese an­cient be­ings ( named, in tried and tested Tolkien style, after the An­glo-Saxon word for “gi­ant”) were cre­ated by Eru to pro­tect the forests of Mid­dle- earth from the Orcs and the Dwarves. Very de­lib­er­ate, pa­tient crea­tures, they’re also in­cred­i­bly strong – some­thing which cer­tainly came in handy dur­ing the as­sault on Isen­gard.


Harry Pot­ter

Steer well clear of th­ese mag­i­cal trees! This valauble and vi­o­lent plant species will at­tack any­thing that comes near them by whip­ping their branches about like ten­ta­cles. This makes plant­ing one a very good way to pro­tect, say, the en­trance to a su­per se­cret pas­sage.


The Wizard Of Oz

Should you ever find your­self over the rainbow and short of sus­te­nance, sim­ply in­sult an ap­ple tree by claim­ing that their pro­duce is rid­dled with worms. One angry bom­bard­ment later, you’ll have all the fruit you can eat. And it won’t only be the ap­ples that get bruised.


From Hell It Came

In this amus­ingly shonky 1957 B- movie, the prince of a Pa­cific is­land is ex­e­cuted after be­ing framed for mur­der – but his venge­ful spirit lives on after a par­tic­u­larly weird- look­ing tree grows from his grave. Cue a splin­ter- filled slaugh­ter spree by the sham­bling, sour­faced stump.

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